Michael Babyak Jr

President, Precision Financial Services Inc.

After more than 25 years in the industry, Michael Babyak Jr is not only a widely-respected financial advisor and wealth manager, he is highly sought after as well. Michael has become a respected leader not only in business and finance but also within his community. A graduate of Norwich University, he has taken the values that he learned through the years and has applied them to every aspect of his life. Norwich University is America’s oldest private military academy and is known for the core values that they instill into their students, one of which was Michael.


Norwich University hopes to train up young people to become beacons of service within their communities and for their countries and they do this better than anyone. Norwich University also encourages its students and alumni to support their community and their country. One of the ways in which Michael is able to do this is by involving Precision Financial Services in supporting the Brian R. Bill Memorial Scholarship Fund for the past five years. This scholarship will support young students looking to become the next generation of special operators and also support deployed special operators looking to further their education.  


Michael Babyak graduated from Norwich University with a degree in Finance and Business Administration and instantly started his successful career. For the next 17 years, Michael would find himself transforming into a respected leader at Precision Financial Services. He went on to create one of the most significant teams at Precision Financial Services today, the asset management team. Over those 17 years, Michael was involved in multiple aspects of the business in areas from wealth management to compliance and trading.


The next step in Michael Babyak Jr’s career came when his father decided to pass the business along to him and Michael assumed the role of President of Precision Financial Services. For the last 12 years, he has been overseeing the everyday operations of the business and working endlessly to make it run better. Michael’s main goal is to provide his client’s with the best service around and that included expanding the service offerings of Precision Financial Services as well. Michael’s innovation and business aptitude led him to not only create more jobs in his community but create a financial advisement firm that would offer the whole package to their client’s. Precision Financial Services now employs research analysts, wealth advisors, retirement plan experts, and insurance advisors.


Michael Babyak is a rare case in his industry. For the good of his client’s and because of his dedication to hard work, he chose to specialize in a host of areas related to financial advisement. It is this level of commitment that sets Michael apart from his peers and grows a successful company. This dedication can also be seen in his private life, within his community, at his alma mater, and with his wife and children.

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