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This month’s foundation spotlight is on The Brian Bill Foundation. This foundation is one that we believe in and is doing great work for Special Operations soldiers all over the nation. Here is a brief overview of this foundation and the great work that they are doing.


The Brian Bill Foundation was established in honor of Navy SEAL Brian R. Bill. Brian enlisted in the Navy in 2001 and became a SEAL in 2003. He was described as an exceptional athlete, musician and the pinnacle of self-discipline and hard work. After being deployed to Iraq four times, he earned multiple commendations, including a purple heart for his service.


The Brian Bill Foundation offers therapeutic retreats and modern therapy techniques for veterans and active soldiers – as well as their families – who are suffering from combat PTSD, mild traumatic brain injury or chronic pain. The foundation administers these retreats in the forms of team-centric and confidential long-weekend getaways. They form small groups of people to attend them together, and all expenses are covered by the foundation to relieve the stress of the logistics from the attendees.


There are a few different types of retreats that are offered by The Brian Bill Foundation. One example is the Warrior Strengthening Retreat, where Special Operations forces who are struggling with combat PTSD, mild traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, and others can come together. They also host a Father’s of the Fallen weekend retreat. This is a time of therapeutic support, outdoor activities, and combining strengths to overcome burdens for the fathers of Specials Operations forces. They also host retreats for the families of soldiers and veterans.


The Brian Bill Foundation utilizes different types of therapy during their retreats. These therapy options include psycho-education, neurofeedback, equine learning, accelerated resolution therapy, and other options such as yoga, meditation, and team-building sessions. They focus on comfortable and emotionally sustainable treatments that won’t re-traumatize a veteran or active duty member.


The Brian Bill Foundation is doing wonderful things for our special operations forces and their families by helping them heal from active duty. To learn more about this foundation and to donate, please visit