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Norwich University is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year with a plethora of events! For the past 200 years, this military university has been equipping and educating thousands of citizen soldiers to prepare to serve their country either in a formal sense or within their communities. As a ’92 graduate of Norwich University, I can attest first-hand to their ability to shape their students into dedicated civil servants.


Norwich University’s bicentennial celebration deserves to be big, and that is what it will be. A full-year full of events to celebrate this great school is already underway. I am proud to have Precision Financial Services as the sponsor for two of the celebratory events. In January, we participated in a Gala in Naples, FL where many friends, family, and clients joined in the celebration. The second event will be another Gala in New York City in June on the Intrepid, Sea, Air and Space Museum docked on the west side of Manhattan.


The Sullivan Museum and History Center

A special feature of the gala events is a traveling exhibit from the Sullivan Museum which consists of 200 objects highlighting 200 years of Norwich history. This exhibit, named “Citizens & Soldiers” will showcase the legacy that Norwich has carved for itself in America. A defining quote of the museum is that Norwich University “has been preparing youth to act, as well as to think – to execute, as well as conceive – and to make moral, patriotic, efficient, and useful citizens.” This mantra has been part of the very fabric of Norwich since its first day in 1819.


The exhibit will be traveling to different locations throughout the year including New York City, Montpelier, VT and Washington, DC. It will be in Norwich in September for the Founder’s Day Celebration.


The Galas

The Naples Gala was held on January 19th in Naples, Florida. The guest speaker at this event was the defensive coordinator at the University of Michigan, Don Brown (Norwich ’77).


It is an honor to be able to come alongside my alma mater to celebrate their success and commitment to our country this year during their bicentennial events. I look forward to attending more events to honor them.